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How to Be Single and Safe


The number of women who are single and living on their own is growing by the day. If this is you, then you may already be aware of the importance of being safe and having a secure home. It is empowering knowing that you are proactive when it comes to taking care of yourself.

In most cases, burglars know who their prime targets are by spending time watching the premises they are considering. They watch to see who lives in the home, and identify your patterns. Many times these targeted home invasions including robberies are directed toward women who live alone as they tend to be viewed as easy targets. Being single, living alone, working a regular job, and your daily routine makes it that much easier for the potential invader since there is only one person to monitor. This is especially true with single women since home invasions may even occur while you are home, which puts you at greater personal risk.

Burglars often choose their next victim based on the ease of breaking into their home.  Although a disturbing fact, single women must be aware that their homes rank high on the list of possible targets for burglary and home invasion.  For single women, it is especially scary to think that a criminal could be planning to break into your home.

Burglars most often will target a home and then keep track of the occupants' comings and goings.  Tracking a single person is easier than tracking a couple or a family, so single women simple must take action to be proactive and protect themselves.  

Thankfully, single woman and others can protect their homes with a trusted company that is leading the way in home security monitoring services.  FrontPoint Security is highly rated by its customers and the Better Business Bureau with an “A” grade.  With FrontPonit, you will enjoy cutting edge technology, reliable wireless cellular communication, and exciting features from www.Alarm.com.

FrontPoint's quick and easy installation

FrontPoint is extremely easy to install because the equipment is wireless.  It does not require any drilling of the walls or wiring of the home.  FrontPoint can be installed in any dwelling-- your house, R.V., college dorm, apartment, etc.  Your system will be up and running in under an hour and a half.

Instant security alerts on-the-go

Whenever the system has a true alarm, FrontPoint's emergency dispatch center will call you.  You can use FrontPoint to monitor non-alarm activity such as when your kids arrive home from school, when there are power failures, or even when you have accidentally left the garage door open.  You can choose to receive alerts via email or text message of both alarm and non-alarm activity.





Receive immediate help

FrontPoint has you covered in the event of an emergency.  By pressing the prominent panic button on your FrontPoint keypad, your system will alarm immediately and the police will be dispatched to your home.  Plus, the optional handset comes with a panic button as well, so you’ll always have immediate protection available, no matter where you are in the home.  Instant panic buttons are useful in the event of a domestic disturbance outside or a date turned dangerous.

Rest easy with FrontPoint

FrontPoint uses the GE Simon XT system which gives you the option of turning on your doors and windows only (for when you are at home) or doors and windows plus motion detectors (for when you are away).  If you are at home and a sensor is tripped, an alert will sound and the Central Monitoring Service will be contacted. You never have to worry again about someone breaking into your place in the middle of the night.


Now you can protect yourself and your home with a company you can trust leading the way in home security monitoring service. FrontPoint Security is highly rated by their customers and the Better Business Bureau with an “A” grade. Enjoy cutting edge technology, reliable wireless cell communication, and cool features from Alarm.com


The time to think about an alarm system isn’t after something bad happens, it’s before.  Call today toll free for a free no obligation quote at 1-866-320-1489, and see why everyone is raving about home security. Or CLICK HERE to to receive a free quote online, and see how home security can work for you.



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