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Wireless Home Security System – ADT’s Attempts At Upselling Produces Harmful Feedback On The Internet


Several companies take advantage of their customer’s innocence, and sell more costly objects, add-on or upgrades at more profitable rates. This is their way of luring the consumer into buying overpriced items instead of their cheaper but equally good counterparts. Here I am referring to what is commonly happening with the sale of home security alarm systems. You have a company that offers a certain alarm system stating that it cost’s a mere $99.00, or they would offer the equipment free, charging the consumer $99.00 for activating the gadget. These sorts of deals manage to lure a lot of gullible buyers, but that’s not the end of the story. Not too long ago, someone posted a grievance on a well-known review site that talked lucidly of upselling tactics.


The ADT Security commercial for the $99.00 installation is a lie and scam! Do not fall for it. When the gentleman came in to install our system he first walked around the home to see how many windows and doors we have.  First let me start off by saying the $99.00 installation comes with 2 motion detectors and 2 door alarms.  The first thing the installation guy said is we need a wireless communicator so if we lose power or our phone line the police would still be notified, right there was an additional $149.00 plus an additional $5.00 a month in monitoring fees.


It seems to be a characteristic strategy where the firm upsells to keep vigil via cellular monitoring and then includes more paraphernalia. Though it is true that cellular monitoring is safer, companies like FrontPoint have a cellular radio as a regular accessory in all their gear, without billing the consumer extra, and to add to it, there is no additional cost for this kind of monitoring.


And That’s Not All


The review site further voices its opinion asunder:

So then he went outside and did a walk around the home and went into his vehicle for about 30 minutes.  We had no idea what was going on. Eventually he came back in and was carrying boxes and boxes of items, and I thought here we go. He first stated to guard our whole home, Fort Knox security he called it: it was going to cost us $1,700.00!!!! My first response was no way.  So he said “OK, I understand – I have another great deal which will still keep you and your family safe, and the cost is $800.00!!” I told him no way again: we have two doors (the system came with two door sensors), and the two motion detectors (also included) should protect the interior. When I told him no, his response was, “I guess you do not care about your family’s safety.” My mouth hit the floor, and so did my wife.

Excerpts from Other Customers:

Our home is not that large: where the two motion detectors and two door sensors in place, if someone breaks in, the alarm will go off immediately. So, be prepared for more cost when they show up, and they will tell you, you are a bad person if you don’t take the higher priced system.  When my contract is up I will be going to another company. I do not need an installation person insulting my choices. On top of it something that should take an hour took almost four hours because he would not stop about upgrading the system. We have friends who went with ADT and ran into the same problem, so I recommend staying away from ADT. I emailed ADT about the experience after he left and never heard a word from ADT.

Concerning  this topic, I had posted this in the blog article at the end of the previous year, and it occurred that a couple of the resellers that had been approved to sell ADT’s equipment were considered cheats. ADT is one of the biggest dealers and providers of electronically equipped alarm systems in the United States, and have approximately 6,000,000 clients in the home and in the commercial segments. It is only natural that for a company with such a big client base, that there would be grievances from some of the customers. In addition, the online review websites have not made it any easier for them. However, a lot of these grievances have to do with the way they are selling their wares. This spells trouble for firms like FrontPoint, who attempt, as far as possible, to safeguard residences and the inmates without any hidden costs.




Other Options


Regarding this matter would it not be better to have a completely programmed and extensive alarm system, wherein the customer, under the guidance of a specialist, chooses what would go with his home and family best, and pay far less at the same time? The consumer can have the freedom to establish his own gear, and benefit from some of the most revolutionary functional features that they can find in a home security alarm system. Many of these systems are available in the market and in case of a shift of residence, all that the user has to do is to disconnect, dismantle it and take it with him to his new place of residence. The net result; he pays nothing to get it undone, nothing to get it re-fixed, and he does not find it necessary to renew his contract. Isn’t that just heavenly? You have security with faith and expediency.


With FrontPoint being one of the nation’s providers for superior home alarm systems, it is constantly at loggerheads with ADT and various other big firms that behave like, the bigger the firm, the better they are; rather that is how people look at them. Though a more recent but fast-growing company that manufactures quality systems, FrontPoint is a leader in the world of security alarms, and offers reasonably priced, more secure, easily usable, do-it-yourself alarm systems that are more acceptable. Moreover, they are genuinely concerned about feedback from every consumer of theirs, irrespective of whether it is written in favor or against them. And as you can well see, that could very well be the reason that they top the list of alarm companies in the United States. Read reviews about ADT or any other home security company you may be considering by visiting RipOff.com.


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