How To Prepare For Ebola Or Other Possible Pandemics


Everyone has been talking about the Ebola virus that originated from Africa. Will Ebola hit America and become a nationwide or even worldwide epidemic? Recently it was reported that the first case of Ebola flew into Dallas Texas. Is this the beginning of the outbreak?

Even if the Ebola virus does not become an epidemic, something will sure to come after it with the possibility to be much worse. Authorities are gearing up for the big one that could claim the deaths of untold thousands. Your only line of defense in these times is to gain knowledge and have a plan of action in place to both prevent and deal with any infection that may come close to you.

Dr. G addresses the growing concern about the Ebola crisis

“Jesse in Switzerland what’s this Ebola thing all about? Seems like its Lyme disease all over again right? Jessie asks, ‘Didn’t they appear at the same time, and would be possible to use the nutritional to support the immune system to keep the virus at bay?’”

“Yes! This is our whole thing which goes back to the conversation that existed between and at the time ­of Louis Pasteur and a guy named Antione Beauchamp in a debate which was, is it the bug or is it the environment of the body which is the most important thing? Well as it turns out as it’s the environment at the body, because if your immune system is strong enough and if your body is strong and protected enough then the virus is not going to be able to gain a foothold in give you a problem. Or if it does gain a foothold then you’re going to be able to get on the other side of it with relative ease and rapidity.”

“Also let us not forget our history in the great scourge of the Spanish flu after World War 1 where millions of people died. The homeopathic hospitals had an eighty-five percent success rate. But the MD’s only had a fifteen percent success rate.”

The most important defense we have against a terrible life threatening virus such as Ebola or any other plague is to nutrify our bodies. The same is true for the cold and flu season. First and foremost, the most important thing you can do in your line of defense is educate yourself. Get your free educational videos now including the 10 bad foods at

Dr. G’s recommendation is Medical Nutrition:

  1. The Basic Essential Nutrients

  2. Essential Fatty Acids

  3. Specially formulated Selenium.

  4. Eliminated the 10 bad foods (included with every health video request)

  5. Ask about the how to get the killer biotic immune system builder.

If threatened by a serious virus, we also recommend increasing your Vitamin C to bowel intolerance, take a high dosage of Vitamin D, and specially formulated liquid calcium, and get plenty of rest. If you do become infected seek the care of a homeopath immediately! You may also benefit from drinking yarrow tea, which can stop hemorrhaging. Yarrow can also benefit recovery of colds and flus as well.

There is a chance you may never come close to someone infected with Ebola, of some futuristic pandemic. But then again, it could happen like back in the days of the Spanish Flu. Even influenza can be life threatening by certain age groups and people with compromised immune systems. That’s why it’s essential to give the body the nutrients it needs to withstand against viruses and other invaders. Let us take you by the hand with LIFE GIVING information and education. Sign up for your free video today at – IT’S FREE!!


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