Introduction To Minerals – The Key To Health

Your Body Needs Raw Materials In Order To Work The Way That Nature And God Intended it To

Back in the first part of 2013, and after much inquiry, the answer finally came to me. It turns out the answer and key to health is in the very thing we are made from. The answer I’d been searching for about 12 years was in Genesis 2:7 & 3:19 all along. From dust we were made, and from that same dust will we find the keys to health. The theme and purpose of this blog will be centered around this remarkable key. Though we will talk about weight loss, the HCG diet, and various other health conditions along the way, the answer seems to be the same every time. What you are looking for is in the dirt of the earth.

“Out of the dust we came.” (Genesis 2:7 & 3:19) What is the dust made from? It’s made from minerals! This is why minerals are 2/3 of your body’s nutrient needs. Things like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and stuff you never even heard of before like molybdenum, zirconium, americium, hafnium, trace minerals. Our body is made from these. The only problem is the minerals that our body is made from is not found in the food. Let me say it again, they are not all in our food. Therefore, everybody who is not taking mineral supplements is nutritionally deficient. I don’t care if you’re one second old or a hundred years old. Unless you’re doing something additional to your diet to provide your body with minerals, you won’t have a long life. The longest lived people in the world did it like the Vilcabambas in Peru and the Huns in Afghanistan.

On Facebook, there was a picture of a 115 year old Peruvian woman cooking corn tortilla or something in a little hut with a wood stove. Well, what do you think she does with the wood ash? She puts it in the food. The white ash in the middle of the fire is called “pot ash”. The hottest part of the fire is the middle. When you’re cooking with wood, it’s usually the part of the fire that the pot is hanging over. The ash in the middle of the fire is white because all the carbon has burned away and the ash on the periphery of the fire is gray. Thus, indigenous people, before the electrical revolution, would take the pot ash and put it in their soups, stews, bread mix and with their flour mix. Then they’d take the gray ash and put it in their gardens. Interestingly, wood ash is 99.9% minerals. So when you put wood ash in your food, you’re mineralizing your body.

An un-mineralized body cannot live a healthy and long life. Think of this, what will happen to your car if there’s no oil in it or if it needed a certain amount of oil but there was not enough? How far do you think it would get? If its tire’s was only a third of the way filled with air, how long would you think you’d be able to drive on them? Certainly, it would not be long. If the power steering fluid was only a third of the way filled up, you would not be able to turn the wheel. Now, we understand logic of this when it comes to machines and automobiles, but when it comes to the human body, we are completely clueless. It’s because are all so absorbed in the thought meme, the cultural meme, the Monsanto meme and the General Mills meme which says that we can get all the nutrients we need just by eating from the four, five and now six food groups which number they keep on changing. Hence, one more proof of the blind leading the blind over the cliff of life into doom. It’s serious. This is a problem. Because we’re not talking about political differences or religious differences, we’re talking about life, death and suffering.

If you want to see how great conventional medicine is, go through the old folk’s home and see the magic magnificence of modern medicine. It’s everywhere all the time so much that we think it’s normal. We think it’s the way that it has to be. We think it’s the only way it is. However, it can be another way. Mineralize your body. For goodness sake, give your body the raw materials that it needs to have a chance in the field of life. Your body needs raw materials in order to work the way that nature and God intended to. Your MD is clueless about these distinctions. That is why knowledge by education is so important so that you too can know exactly what you need to take charge of your health.

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