The Truth About Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Part 3


Miracle Sweetener Revealed

In Part 1 of “The Truth About Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners,” we talked about the dangers of consuming an over abundance of sugar, and how it effects the body negatively. In Part 2 we covered the alternatives available artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Aspartame may be worse than consuming the sugar. So what should we do then, avoid having anything sweet altogether? As mentioned before, sugar in moderation is not all bad, but the key word is moderation. On the contrary, artificial sweeteners are foreign to the body and should be avoided at all cost. However, if you’re sweet tooth is in severe pain about now after reading the first two articles in this series, there is hope, and we are going to talk about it now in Part 3 of this series on sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The Truth About Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Part 3

Sugar continues to be a health risk, and aspartame (Nutrusweet) doesn’t seem to be a beneficial health alternative for anyone. It seems as though to maintain good health, one must give up sugar and sweeteners altogether. Research shows nearly no good uses for sugar or other sweeteners on the market. So most people continue to feed their sweet tooth, and in result, are gambling their health away.

Is there an alternative that is calorie free, and is not harmful for human consumption? The answer is yes, although the FDA has done all they can to keep this knowledge from the American people. Some may consider this sweet substance to be a miracle additive. Its name, though you may have never heard of it, is Stevia. Stevia is a herb plant; it’s leaves are claimed to be 10 times more sweet than sugar. The molecule that makes it so sweet is called Stevioside, which is some 250 – 300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevioside is separated from the Stevia plant through processing, and can be purchased at most health food stores, and it is an excellent substitute for sugar in baking. However, it does have a slight licorice taste, and if too much is used, it becomes extremely bitter. It usually takes some time for sugar users to switch completely over to Stevia, but most people who use other sweeteners don’t have much trouble at all getting use to the taste.

Stevia is of the Composite family, related to lettuce, marigold and chicory. It was “Officially” discovered in the late 19th century by Dr. Moises Santiago Bertoni. He was given samples of the plant and he reported that one small piece of the leaf will keep the mouth sweet for an hour. He named the plant Stevia Rebuadiani Bertoni in honor of a Paraguayan chemist name Rebuadi. Bertoni found that the Guarani Indians had been using the leaves of the plant to sweeten bitter teas and also as a sweet treat.

Stevia was kept off the American market during the NutraSweet years.
Stevia was kept off the American market during the NutraSweet years.

It would seem that since Stevia is such a wonderful solution to the sugar problem faced in the United States today, and with all the harmful effects associated with the harmful sweeteners out there, that the FDA would happily endorse such a miracle food additive to the market. Unfortunately they do not. In fact, the FDA put a ban on all imports and sales were stopped shortly after health food stores started selling the substance as a natural sugar just after they received an anonymous complaint about Stevia. After years of pressure from consumers and the health food industry, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement & Health Education Act in November 1994. This act permitted the purchase and sale of Stevia as a dietary supplement – not as a food or additive. The Act also set forth rigorous guidelines for the labeling, sales and marketing of the herb. Simply suggesting that the Stevia be mixed with water could be construed as mislabeling and force a recall of the products. These burdensome regulations eventually led to the FDA’s order to ban a book called “Stevia, The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb,” which has over 200 Family Favorites, along with baking tips, and general information regarding Stevia. “The Stevia Story, A Tale of Incredible Sweetness And Intrigue” by Linda & Bill Bonvie and Danna Gates is a good source for further information concerning the Stevia/FDA controversy. (Stevia Cookbook)

On May 19, 1998, the president of Stevita Company (a distributor of Stevia in Arlington, Texas) received a fax from the Dallas District Office of the FDA – it ordered the seizure and destruction of the Cooking With Stevia and other literature. The fax read: “…a current inventory must be taken by an investigator of this office, who will also be available to witness destruction of the cookbooks, literature, and other publications… Additionally, your Stevia products currently in distributor and retail channels with the offending cookbooks, literature, and other publication continue to be in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. These products are unapproved food additives in violation of Section 409, and adulterated within the meaning of Section 402(a)(2)(c) of the Act.” (Stevia Cookbook)

Mary Nash Stoddard (founder Aspartame Consumer Safety Network) sums it up best in her article written in June of 1998. In her article, she stated you would think that these books tell people how to commit terrorist acts, contain pornography of some kind, or perhaps instruct potential criminals on how to set up a lab to produce LSD or Crack Cocaine. The FDA ordered the drastic action because the books contain general information that includes: history, usages and scientific studies regarding Stevia – a naturally sweet non-caloric herb with an impeccable history of safe use – and because current federal law requires that Stevia herbal products be marketed as dietary supplements without being labeled as sweeteners.

The FDA has even went as far as to raid local health food stores looking for this offensive cookbook, and they continue to frustrate the health food industry with their unreasonable regulations regarding the herb. Their was even an instance where a couple of FDA agents showed up at Stevita Co. to inventory all of the company’s Stevia supplements, books and promotional literature. As they proceeded to meet with the company’s president, a crew from a local news station arrived. It was amazing how the agents attitude quickly changed. When the agents asked why the reporters where there, the president replied with, “To record the burning of the books!”

The FDA burned the first books about stevia.

The FDA agents allegedly said, “Oh no, we are not going to burn the books, YOU are!” But the president, after a brief pause said, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. I don’t have a permit from the local fire department. You will have to do it.” In result and after whispering back and forth, the agents decided to call their office for further instructions. They were told to mark all of the remaining Cooking with Stevia books by initialing and dating the inside covers of each book. Despite everything that happened that day, the book was not destroyed. (Stevia Cookbook)

In Part 4 we are going to be finishing up our blog on sugar and artificial sweeteners. As we come to a close in Part 3 of sugar and artificial sweeteners blog, it’s interesting how anything natural and good our FDA is firmly against. A medical doctor has even went to the great lengths  to put up a website called Quackwatch. He has made it his life mission to attack every person professional or company who promotes any remedy that is not within the scope of traditional medicine. Of course modern medicine does not cure anyone; it only treats the symptoms, and so people suffer for the sake of the almighty dollar, thus he calls those who care about humanity “quacks” when it’s the allopathic medicine that is the quack medicine.

Why would the FDA go through all this trouble fighting a natural God made herb over 6,000 years old and try to keep it from you? It’s true, there many cures out there, but you have to know how to look for them or you will never know about them. There are also a lot of false claims as well. That is what our goal is here is to equip people so they know how to find this information for themselves.

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