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1. Wheat

2. Barley

3. Rye

4. Oats/ Oat meal – These four grains have been altered to withstand weather, insects, and weed killers resulting in a gluten protein that our stomachs just cannot break down. When the gluten travels through our intestinal track undigested, it destroys the Villi and micro Villi that is meant to absorb the nutrients from our foods. This leads to digestive, chronic health problems, and diseases. This includes some alcoholic beverages. Dr. W says to avoid these grains even if it states on the package that they are gluten free.

5. Fried Food – When you fry foods or overheat and produces acrylamides and free radicals. These carcinogens can lead to inflammation in your digestive track and arteries, oxidation damage to your nerves and soft tissues, and cause certain cancers. This includes stir fry.

6. Oils in a bottle – Cooking oils, olive oil, even coconut oil (though coconut is the best choice) oxidizes when oxygen comes in contact with it. When you eat oxidized oil it causes inflammation, oxidation damage, and destroys tissues in your body. This includes mayonnaise, salad dressings, fish packed in oils, and any food in oil. In nature there is no cooking oil tree, and no spigot at the base an olive tree to get oil from. So our bodies where just not designed to eat mass quantities of oils like we do today.

7. Well Done Red Meats. Medium is okay.

8. Added Nitrites and Nitrates Foods – Deli Meat s/ Cold Cut s Most deli meats, hot dogs, and bacon have nitrates and nitrites in the mass preservatives.  Nitrites and nitrates cause inflammation, tissue destruction, oxidation, and free radical damage. If you can get nitrate/ nitrite free deli meat s, then you are okay to consume them.

9. Carbonated Beverages – Carbonated beverages neutralize your stomach acid and reduce your ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from your food and supplements. Phosphoric acid is especially bad for you, and will rob Calcium from your bones.

10. Baked Potato Skins including sweet potatoes. Skins are okay if you boil them, but not baked.

The healthiest oil is coconut, unrefined, but better than that is to make it yourself. It is the shelf life that causes oils to go bad, so making it yourself would be the answer to this problem. Later on, we will be posting info on how to do this in our blogs.

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10 Bad Food List

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